I've already told you about 590 Gold Bug Hackathon, that took place on 6-7 October, 2019 and was joint to the 590 Congress. I also promised you to tell you about that 590 Congress either. So, let's start :)


It is a cyclical annual economic event gathering representatives of Polish business, science, politics and legislation as well as foreign guests. It is an arena for the exchange of thoughts, views and experiences of Polish entrepreneurs, managers, politicians, scientists and economic experts. 

The name of Congress 590 comes from the bar code prefix used to mark goods manufactured or distributed by Polish companies. Its main goal is to unlock the potential of the Polish economy and promote Polish products and services. The idea of Congress 590 is to create a space for cooperation for Polish entrepreneurs, scientists and policy makers. Congress 590 is addressed to all companies, from startups, through micro, small, medium and large enterprises.

The Congress is held annually under the Honorary Patronage of the President of the Republic of Poland. The most important people in the country, including the President of the Republic of Poland and the President of the Council of Ministers, and distinguished guests from the world of foreign business, add splendor to the event.

In this year's event the participants met, among others President Andrzej Duda and Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki. The Economic Awards of the President of the Republic of Poland were also given.

And now the thing that may interest you - the winners of the 590 Gold Bug Hackathon. 

The competition was very interesting and its participants were working really hard. There were three winners.

1st proze - 30000 PLN - Tylko Spokoj Nas Uratuje

2nd prize - 10000 PLN - Brutus Security

3rd prize - 10000 PLN - Gumisie.

I hope I'll be able to present their products soon.