Boxes, mailboxes... all kinds of boxes are necessary for us... am I wrong?

Let me introduce to you one Polis startup that operates in the area of packaging - PACKHELP.

It may be thought that the market of packaging in Poland is full, however this startup has found a good solution - they develop and sell personalized boxes. Their approach to customer needs is being copied by the largest companies today.

The business idea came from real needs. Some men ran their own interactive agency and needed dozens of boxes with print for one of their projects. Several categories of producers and suppliers of boxes could be distinguished on the Polish packaging market. The biggest ones, however, most willingly undertake the implementation of the order counted in tens, hundreds of thousands of pieces, mainly standardized packaging. They will carry out smaller orders, but these will have a lower priority. There are also manufactories that will undertake fancy boxes at low cost, but they count a lot for this service. Packaging wholesalers are also an alternative. The product is available immediately, but it will not be personalized in any way. Packhelp diagnosed three problems and based their business model on their solution. They started with an offer limited to one type of boxes in four sizes. In return, they offered easy design, low minimum circulation and 14-day lead time. It turned out to be something completely new - not only in Poland but throughout Europe. Packhelp's clients are advertising and PR agencies, as well as companies that conduct direct promotional activities. Among the brands that have used the company's boxes so far are, among others: Ubisoft, EA Games, Uber, Nivea, Desperados, Prosto and Serious customers have attracted the attention of large business partners - Poczta Polska has offered promotional free shipping by Pocztex.

They offer products like mailer boxes, product boxes, shipping boxes, mailers, carrier bags, envelopes, tapes, paper tubes, packing papers.

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