Another startup in the brand of med-tech.

Let me introduce to you - AioCare.

What is that?

It's something that may be useful to each asthmatic. AioCare was invented by Healthup - a company made up of a team of experts with vast practical experience in the area of designing and production of medical devices and software development. The main innovative element of this system is the combination of measuring sensors, measurement channel and functional application running on iOS and Android operating systems. The user can register the spirogram and evaluate the forced breathing maneuver of exhalation / inspiration and the maximum flow-volume / volume-time curve and associated values such as forced vital capacity (FVC). Additionally, it has the ability to record spirograms after bronchodilation. The data obtained is used in the diagnosis and monitoring of lung condition during treatment of certain types of respiratory diseases. The spirometer was designed for use by technicians and physicians performing breath tests, but it can be used by patients for self-monitoring.

The system has very important purposes:

  • Diagnosis of respiratory diseases in patients of all ages, except newborns and infants as part of outpatient and hospital care;
  • Assessment of respiratory function;
  • Tests in people with risk factors (smoking, exposure to toxic agents, dust, gases);
  • Examination of the respiratory system;
  • Risk assessment during the operational period;
  • Respiratory evaluation with strenuous physical activity;
  • Monitoring of respiratory diseases and its progress;
  • Self-control of the respiratory function by the patient.


We hope that this startup will bring benefits to people with respiratory diseases and helps them to control their conditions.

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