There's another startup that was mentioned to be woth following in 2019 - SmartIS City. They produced a platform that is called SmartCityPlatform. It is a tool enabling managing cities and track their performance. It connects all the core elements of a successfully managed city. It allows the SmartMayor to manage urban development, socio-economic development and technological development as well as measuring and reporting progress in real time.


On this platform you may find such elements like:

  • Data Lake - It collects a lot of raw data in one place and supports data mining and creating added value from this data. It can support large data sets in a scalable processing platform. With them, you can extract deeper meaning from data and build better models with increased predictive performance.
  • Data Bank - The data bank is a very important part of the Smart City platform. It enables data integration and their innovative use with connection on all connected applications. The data bank is a solution in which all data of individual systems, as well as dynamic data are stored in different folders, as well as static data measured in real time by sensors. Using the data obtained, you can enable young startups that are trying to develop new solutions based on open data.
  • Smart Performance - The Smart Performance app allows you to manage optimization and monitor key development indicators and development goals over time.
  • Smart Project - The Smart Project application provides an interactive view on the management of key development projects with the support of planning, monitoring of implementations and design. Thanks to the application you will be able to create new projects and monitor investments.
  • Smart Marketplace - The Smart Marketplace application stores advertising solutions and services, applications and data in one place. Companies can promote their solutions or solutions that are physically implemented in the Living Lab environment.
  • Smart Sense - allows you to monitor data such as air and water quality, noise, light pollution, temperature, humidity, CO2, NO2, CO, O3 and many other parameters. The application contains information about the current measured values of the sensor, information about the type of sensor, sensor location and measurement history.
  • Smart Voice - Smart Voice is a mobile platform that allows you to collect suggestions for possible improvements and ideas in one place. It enables easy and quick submission of new ideas and reminds about improvements that are seen around.

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