Nowadays, around the whole world, there is a trend for healthy and active lifestyle. Are you a fan of this trend?

Honestly, I am.

Let me indroduce you one of Slovenian startups - GenePlanet. They are mentioned to be worth of paying attention to and to be followed in 2019. What exactly do they do? They "just" provide innovative solutions in the area of healthcare and lifestyle. Honestly, they don't just give these solutions. All of these solutions are based on genetic testing.

They offer DNA tests, that are mostly addressed to their end users, but but not only. Their tests also help doctors with their therapeutic procedures. As they say: "they provide people with information that can help them adjust their lifestyle accordingly and take measures that will provide additional protection from health risk due to genetic predispositions."


Why do they do that? Because they want people and give to people some guideness, now to improve their quality of life. Their tests help people to make the right decisions related to their daily lifestyle choices, what will improve their health and well-being.


How does it work? It sounds to be very easy, and it is. The whole process you can conduct from home. How? First of all, order the DNA testing kit with all the necessary instructions how to make the test. When you read the instruction, just follow them and rub your cheek with the buccal swap and then register your sample using barcode. When it's done, just send that sample in the enclosed, pre-addressed  and pre-paid envelope to the lab. You'll get the address with the whole kit. What then? Nothing. Just wait. You'll receive and e-mail notification when your whole report is ready and you may get the access to it in your online account.

What to do then?

It depends only on you. You can make your life healthier and better.

What do you think?

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