"Doctrina" is a Slovenian startup which is growing rapidly since its development in 2016. Now, it already has its branches in Slovenia, Croatia, Poland, Romania, Russia and Turkey. It was founded by young entrepreneurs - Tomaz Erjavec and Jure Pucko - with financial support of Salus dd.


Quite often, we may see the situations that pharmacists are in a quite difficult situation and just don't know how to effectively give some advice to customers. It may be thought, that it's not a big problem, as there are many types of trainings that are available. There are many associations that are effective in this field, but all of these courses take pretty much of time, and are rather expensive. Here's the moment, where the Doctrina comes in. They try to add its contribution to the field of pharmacy education. The company is coming here and tries to solve above mentioned problem. To do so, they use the web portal of the same name. It offers pharmaceutical companies opportunity to educate, in one place, key individuals who want to sell their products effectively.


They do this by producing of a short video presentation, and later, publish it on a website - Doctrina,si. This causes, thatemployees of pharmacies across Slovenia may access that content at any time, anywhere, and can also be accessed by company stuff. Thanks to that, companies save time and the cost of training, and increase the employees' knowledge.


The company also cooperates with experts from pharmaceutical companies and pharmacies.

More details in their website: doctrina.si