Linguokids is an educational application that allows children to learn English language. The application is created for children at the age of 2-8 years old and is mostly purposed to learn vocabulary, pronunciation, writing, and so on...


In the application, you may find two  areas - for kids and, the second one, for parents. In its area, the child may find lots of games, interactive exercises that also allow them to practice motor skills. Thanks to the Sticker Album, children may practice vocabulary and pronunciation. Parents however, in their area, may check the progress report and stay up to date on their children's learning activity.


It's a startup developed in Madrid, Spain. In 2017 the startup raised $4 million in seed or post-seed funding and thanks to it they gained more than 40 additional employees. Now, it's mentioned to be one of the most impactful startups of 2019 as it operates in about 190 countries and is used by almost 8million families around the world.