Glovo was found in Barcelona. in 2015 and is an on-demand courier service that purchases, picks up and delivers products ordered throught its mobile app. It may be seen as multi-category lifestyle app. I guess, now the fact is, that the food delivery is the most popular action there. You can find there services in the area of Snacks and Juices, Pharmacy, Supermarket, Anything, Courier service, Shops and previously mentioned - Food.

The pricing of the delivery is dependent on the distance, so the closer it is, the cheaper it is.  The app just calculates the distance between the picking up point and the delivery address and then shows the cost of the delivery.


Actually, Glovo is available in more than 20 countries and operates in over 140 cities. Usually, their services are available 24/7.


By using this app, you can buy and receive products, but alsosend delivers or express messages within the city you are in. That may be a great solution for older people, as they may bring them for example medicines from pharmacy. The delivery is made by motorcycles or bicycles so it is expected that the order should be lighter than 9kg and fit into the box sized 40x40x30cm.


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