Dronamics is one of Bulgarian startups that should be followed in 2019, as it grows up quickly. The company was founded in 2014 by two brothers Rangelovs. Now, the company consists of 14 engineers and logistic experts.


The company develops advanced unmanned Aerial Systems. Their products are optimized for heavy payloads and for a long range. Their drones may carry up to 350kg of a load and make the distance up to 2000km.


Their product is called Black Swan. It's a quite small drone with a gasoline  engine and a single propeller on its frontside. the engine may be monitored with the use of satellite and is capable of taking off and landing from the most primitive and narrow available airstrips.


It's something new and the production of drones for a large scale is planned to be started in 2021. the product is expected to cost even less than $100,000.