I guess, we all may agree, that the pollution nowadayis just incredible. It's a really good idea to seek for solutions how to save the earth from degradation. the hero of our today's article is trying to save the planet by providing green energy in UK. In 2019, they have pretty big chance to become an unicorn. Let's remindfirst what exactly that "unicorn" is - it's a privately held startup company valued at over $1 billion. So, read about "Bulb" now.

Bulb Energy Ltd. trade just as "Bulb", started its operation in August, 2015. They started their activity by buying and selling electricity and gas to supply domestic properties. They are members of the group "Bix Ebergy Suppliers" and with over 70 other companies, dominate the market in United Kingdom. Bulb competes on price, offering a single variable tariffs. They buy all their electricity and 10%of gas from renewable sources. They gained pretty big success, as in March 2009 they had over a million customers, and that was about 3% of domestic market share. Now, Bulb is the largest supplier of renewable energy in the United Kingdom.


Bulb has attracted customers by promoting its "good customer service, low prices and promise to only use 100% renewable energy." They've created their unique tariff structure - the one structure for all clients, no exit fees or fixed - term contracts.


100% renewable electricity and 10% of its gas is "green" gas from biomethane. About 50% of the elctricity supplied by Bulb, comes from wind power, 40% from solar and most of the remainder from hydroelectricity.