I'd like to present you British "unicorn" in the field of bio-technology - BenevolentAI. It's an artificial intelligence company from UK. Their activity is concerned to the change of the way that medicines are designed, developed, tested and delivered to the market using AI technology. They have developed the platform for drugs development. That platform ingests and makes analysises of unstructured and structured bio-medical information.


The company was founded in November, 2013. At the beginning, their mission was to develop a cross-functional AI technology to incorporate basic science, chemistry and clinical components and to design a system that is able to ingest, read and contextualise the bioscience information.


In 2016, the company established early drug R&D programmes and completed the deal with J&J. Also this year, BenevolentAI initialed their first full drug programme for ASL.


Currently, the company's heaquarter is placed in London and its research facility in Cambridge. They also have offices in New York and Belgium. BenevolentAI is running now active programmes from discovery to PhaseIIb of diseases such as ALS, Parkinson's, ulcerative colitis and sarcopenia.


The company announced lately, that they are cooperating with the Sheffield Institute of Translational Neuroscience to find effective treatment for ALS.


Thanks to their effective work, in 2018, they raised $115 mln funding and their value increased to more than $2 billion.