We can't miss that company, as Forbes mentioned it as a good example of candidats for becoming a business unicorn in 2019, so we think that they're worth of beeing followed this year.

KYMAB is a biotech or pharmaceutical startup that discovers drugs. They engineered mice to produce human antibodies, a key component in immune systems. They try to manipulate these to try and create vaccines for hard-to-treat diseases. Kymab creates a mouse-based antibody discovery technology, the Kymouse TM with a superior repertoire of B-cell mediated immune response that is expected to lead to produce these appropriate antibodies with successful features.

TThey use embryonic stem cell technology to develop the Kymouse TM platform that covers the entire diversity of the B cell component of the human immune system and has the potential of innovative ways to extend diversity beyond the normal human immune response. Kymab uses Kymouse TM to discover, develop and commercialize antibody-based drugs. These drugs contain best-in-class antibodies against clinically anticipated drug targets and first-in-class drugs against very serious problems. They are also available thanks to the strategic alliances with pharmaceutical companies and academic institutions.


  As They say, their mission is to:

  • deliver modern medicines on unique and proven platforms,
  • bring hope to patients with high unmet needs,
  • treat the world's diseases bringing societal benefit,
  • be an effective global partner in ameliorating global disease,
  • fully realise the value of antibodies developed using their discovery and development platforms,
  • fulfill unique opportunities for partners and value for investors from Kymab's approach.