The world is getting bigger. It's been even said, that the number of people living in the world will increased by about 2 billion during upcoming thirty years. That's the reason, why it is necessary to increase also the number of buildings. It can't be forgotten that it's needed to ensure good quality of life, but also appropriate public spaces.

It's thought that construction industry is one of the least digitized ones and SPACEMAKER AI tries to change it. The startup tries also to help with building of better and more comfortable cities. The SPACEMAKER has developed AI technology, which task is to help to discover smarter ways to maximize the potential of a construction site. The tool that is offered by SPACEMAKER allows to generate and explore many suggestions of the place, sort the best ones and provide its detailed analysis.


Spacemaker combines knowledge of many fields - architecture, mathematics, physics, machine learning and optimalization. It provides a creative set of high quality site suggestions. Certainly, digital intelligence can't replace construction planning, but it may be very useful and helpful. It's worth mentioning, that in the gruop of partners, we may find such big construction enterprises as SKANSKA, WOOD, OBOS or BACKE.

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