Nowadays, loneliness is a pretty serious issue as well in social, public or health area. It may "touch" everyone, not depending on age, education, origin, or any other feature.


For a pretty long time, it's noticeable that our life is more dependent on many types of digital tools. That causes, that simple live relations get hurt or become less important. That became a reson, that in October 2015, some new startup was opened, and this year became worth of interest because of its development.

No isolation - the Norwegian startup has its branches in Oslo, Amstrdam and London and offers communication tools to help people to win the fight with loneliness. These tools for now are AV1 and KOMP. What are these?


AV1 - what exactly is that? As they say - "the child's eyes, ears and voice in the classroom." When the child can't attend classes in person, they always may use this "robot". It's just an avatar that allow children or adults at university to attend classes with the use of application installed on their smartphone or tablet. How does it work? You may see it in their youtube channel.


The second tool, worth mentioning, is KOMP. We all want the best smartphones, tablets or other devices. The problem is, that all of these are modern technologies that aren't suitable for everyone. We may think here  about our grandparents or even parents. It may be difficult for them to remember all addresses, passwords etc. Pretty often, that's the reason why elders feel even isolated and forgotten. KOMP is a tool that helps them to keep in touch with their family members. It's a device that looks like a simple screen with only one button to turn it on and to regulate the volume. It allows to send pictures, make video calls, and send text messages. How does it work? You may see it here.

It's a really good idea that someone thinks about lonely, sick and old people. It's a great thing that someone works to make life better also for them.

More about "No isolation" in their website: