Central European Startup Awards is part of the Global Startup Awards, providing annual spotlight to new technologies. We've already written about that competition last time. Now, we'd like to present you regional winners from Central Europe part of that competition, as startups from Poland, Bulgaria and Slovenia have been awarded in the season 2018. let's go then:

Brainly ( www.brainly.co ) from Poland was awarded as the Startup of the Year. What is it? It's help for students - learners. If you have any problem with your homework, it's just a place where you may get some help. You just write your question on the table and wait for someone to help you. Many of students, teachers, PhD's etc. are members of the app willing to help you. I think that solution make the student's life much easier.

GenePlanet ( www.geneplanet.com )from Slovenia gained the award in the category of Best Biotech Startup. As they say "NutriFit products represent DNA tests that will help you tune your lifestyle with your genes in the fields of personalised nutrition, sport, rejuvenation and health." They might help you with few simple steps. First, you just need to order the set for DNA testing. Don't worry, you don't need to hurt yourself. In the set, you'll receive a DNA sample collection kit with a buccal swab and all the necessary instructions to perform the DNA test. After preparing the sample for testing, you just send it and wait for an e-mail with notification when your reports are ready and accessible in your online account. The final product, that people get, is a personal guidebook covering the most important areas of nutrition, sports and wellbeing that can substantially help in achieving a better lifestyle and personal wellbeing.


Bulgarian PuzlcOworking ( https://www.puzl.com/ ), gained the award in the category of Best Coworking Space. The company provides mostly services in the area of space. They serve gorgeous place to work from and a supportive community of like-minded people to share the journey with.


1000realities ( http://www.1000realities.io )  is a starup from Poland, awarded in the category of Best IoT Startup. It is a software studio focused on Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR). In their offer u may find for example VR Horror Room. What is it? Simply explaining, it's a virtual Escape Room. That type of games become pretty popular nowadays.  Unfortunately, a lot of physical space is needed to create an environment for such games and experiences. To solve this problem 1000 creatives shows us a fully immersive, interactive room scale experience - a horror room in virtual reality. The player will have the possibility to interact with objects in the scene, for example defend himself/herself from a group of scary bats, open doors and cupboards or grab and throw objects. The aim of the game will be to find a way to escape the room, just as in a typical escape room. But that's not the only thing that they may offer us.


ABC Accelerator ( www.abc-accelerator.com ) from Slovenia was awarded in the category of Best Accelerator/Incubator Program. They help startups to grow by supporting of startups with a 3 month, hands on approach programme, focusing on global expansion.