Have you ever heard about Global Startup Awards?

It's a huge, global competition to recognise the best talents of the global startup ecosystem. The competition is divided into 5 phases - opening of the nomination, selecting national finalists, finding national winners, finding regional winners, finding global winners. GSAwards invite a regional jury of 7 or more jury members, with extensive knowledge and experience in the startup ecosystem which can be from the region as well as outside the region. The global winners are announced at the Global Grand Finale and also published online after the award show.

Nordic Startup Awards is a part of that huge competition. In season 2018, some startups from Norway were awarded:


Saga Robotics was the winner in the category - Best FoodTech/AgriTech Startup.

As They say, their mission is "to transform farming into a service sector, making agriculture more profitable with reduced risk to the farmer, more environmentally friendy, and to produce cheaper, better and healthier food."

Website: www.sagarobotics.com


6570 Oslo was awarded in the category of Best Coworking Space. What is ist? It's a space for creative entrepreneurs. 657 Oslo offers an ambitious community and an inspiring place to work for freelancers, entrepreneurs, small businesses and startups.

Website: www.657.nohttp://www.657.no


Payr was the winner of the National Phase in Norway and that made him the finalist in the Nordic Startup Awards competition.Payr is a Norwegian fintech company with a strong focus on user experience and design. Thanks to this app, you mayet an overview of your payments in the app sorted by month. That gives you the full control of both upcoming and historical payments. That gives you the ability  to request offers from providers in-app, and you  easily switch to the providers that offer the best deals at any time.

Website: www.payr.no