Last time we presented the main winners of the challenge - Startupper of the year by TOTAL. Now, I'd like to present you Polish finalists that were also awarded there.

Nowadays, the time may be really rough for many of us. Each person may have own good or worse moments. Unfortunately, many people just feel some kind of discomfort and they just don't want to talk to the therapist - even when they really need that. That's why that startup was created. This is a portal where you can register and talk to people with similar problems and get some help. (www: )



myHydro is a textile band for controlling hydration in people actively involved in sports and young children, as well as seniors, whose thirst decreases with age.


The Compass

The Compass is an application designed to support the blind and visually impaired in moving around public buildings. Thanks to its navigation, they are supposed to move around airports or hospitals without the assistance of a sighted person.