On 30th May, 2019 - the InnoShare meetup took place in Rzeszów City Hall. This event is a continuation of a series of events in the country and abroad preceding the 5th edition of innoSHARE UNIversity 2019  titled "Here, science becomes a business".


InnoSHARE'19 on the road is a pilot event organized by the Polska Innowacyjna Foundation and its Partners, among which you can also find the OSS Project Partner  - Rzeszow Regional Development Agency.

The event is addressed to people who deal with:

  • startups and spin-offs originating from research and grants,
  • innovation, development and research in scientific institutes, universities, B + R / R & D departments, startups, SMEs,
  • work in companies, institutions and organizations supporting the development of startups, spin-offs and high technologies.


innoSHARE UNIversity 2019 - "Here, science becomes a business" - it is the only place in the world gathering scientists, innovators and entrepreneurs (Poles, people of Polish origin and foreigners interested in cooperation with Poland). It is also a series of educational and informational events in Poland and abroad, the main theme of which are high technologies, research and development (R & D / B + R), cooperation between business and science, and the internationalization of startups and research. In 2019, the event will take place at the Copernicus Science Center in Warsaw on October 10-11 and will be part of the nationwide campaign and event cycle under the name DIGITAL WEEK.