On 14th May, 2019 our Spanish partner organized the regional meeting of stakeholders from Spain. The meeting was attended by 15 persons from institutions such as:

  • the County Council of Granada;
  • the Guardialinfo Network;
  • the Chamber of Comerce of Motril,
  • the University of Granada;
  • Business Innovation Center Granada of the IDEA Agency;
  • CADE Granada;
  • the "Guadix" Rural Development Group;
  • the "Altiplano de Granada" Rural Development Group;
  • the "Poniente" Rural Development Group;
  • the "Arco Noreste de la Vega de Granada" Rural Development Group.

The main objectives of the meeting were:

  • to give to the stakeholders group a report from the WSX Enterprise Hampshire Partner
  • to explain to the stakeholders the next thematic “Mentoring” of the interregional workshop
    foreseen in Bulgaria in September 2019 in order to determine potential stakeholders interested in showing their good practice;
  • to explain the local workplan of the project regarding the SWOT analysis of the entrepreneurship ecosystem, more specifically in relation with the methodological
    approach of this analysis because of the expected involvement of all the stakeholders;
  • to use the design thinking methodology to debate between all the local actors in order to create and share an "On line agenda of events for entrepreneurs" between all the stakeholders.

During the meeting, spanish stakeholders expressed their willingness for further participation in project activities.