The advisory service in Möre and Romsdal,, are working on developing a digital tool for start-ups. The first line service system for the entrepreneur in the county contains 30 offices covering all municipalities. The advisory service is a formalized collaboration between different levels of governance and the municipalities. The County Authority, The County Governor, Innovation Norway and all the different municipalities work together in this partnership,

On 24 – 25th of April 2019 , they launched their first test version (EMP) of an digital entrepreneurial path for start-ups, with a digital training tool incorporated in to the solution. Twelve advisors from the advisory service system,, participated in training to start using the new tool towards the entrepreneurs in the region. The goal for the digital project is to create a service that is closer to the entrepreneur, and a service they can get regardless of where they live in the region.

The region of Möre and Romsdal is a rural region, which contains of small communities and small cities, and sometimes the distance to an advisor can be long. With this digital tool, the distance is of no importance. Möre and Romsdal County Authority is working with Lean Business International to develop this entrepreneurial tool.

In this digital service it will be possible to apply for funds, to learn about how to start new business through online training sessions, to book meetings with the advisor and to communicate with the advisors online, says project manager Malene Aaram Vike. The tool will also provide a business development tool, and the possibility to register to courses.


Back to school to learn more about entrepreneurship
The twelve advisors participating in the launch of the entrepreneurial path for, that are stakeholders of our project, were trained in how to use the digital tool to enhance the first line service for the first time entrepreneur. An important part of this training were also to learn more about entrepreneurship. Research show that there are several commons amongst entrepreneurs, and to learn more about this, can make the service better and the quality more even throughout the region.
"It is an advantage for the start-ups that the advisors have the same background knowledge, and that we use the same tool in our service towards the entrepreneur", says one of the advisors from the system. Because of this, it is of no importance where the entrepreneur gets help.


Development through design thinking
The development of the digital tool and service will now enter a new face, from the development of the product, to the cooperation with the users of the system. By using the test version, the developers together with the 12 advisors with their entrepreneurs, will develop a customized digital tool for the future. By using this approach, our aim is to develop a tool customized to the advisor and the entrepreneur. We need to respond to our customer`s needs to get the service as best as possible, says Vike. That is why we choose to develop our digital solution together with them.
The full version of the digital tool for entrepreneurs will be opened for public use during the fall season 2019. Then all of the region`s entrepreneurs can access the digital tool, through the website