On 11 April, 2019 in Hilton Garden Inn Rzeszów, our project Communication Manager took a part in Podkarpacki Congress of Business Management, where he had a chance to present some result and assumptions of our project.


During the Congress, there were discussed subject as mentioned belowe:

- future trends - IT and Business as one team
- how to build agile Agile project teams in practice?
- what Agile is and what is not in HR
- how to manage business in a conscious way?
- financing of educational projects

In addition to the lecture and discussion panel, the Congress program also included the time for a networking meeting, allowing to build and expand a network of permanent contacts conducive to the effective exchange of information and experiences.


As I have mentioned at the beginning of this article, the Communication manager of our Project, had a chance to attend and had a chance to present ongoing results and assumptions of our project. That presentation met really good interest of attending sites what, we hope, will bring good benefits for our project in the future.