Each year, during European Startup Days,  the Startup Challenge. Out of the 100 finalists of the last competition, the jury chose and awarded among others: technology of conductive polymers synthesis, laser monitoring of roof structure, portable laboratory located on the chip; a solution enabling commercial processing at atmospheric pressure of plastic waste to fully refined diesel and gasoline fractions; interactive mirrors and virtual fitting rooms and software for monitoring store shelves in real time.

European Start-up Days is the first such big event combining start-ups and corporations as well as business support organizations. The goal of the event is to integrate the environment of young entrepreneurs with experts, presidents of large companies, investors and successful businessmen who are present at the European Economic Congress in Katowice.

Abbys Glass is the winner of Startup Challenge in the Client&Lifestyle category. Interactive mirrors are an innovative space where you can see much more than only your own reflection. The simplest functions include displaying advertising or information, however, the mirrors have many functions, thanks to which it is able to create an individual implementation concept for the customer so that  products best fit his or her needs.

Mirrors, thanks to the vision analysis system, are able to present "tailor-made" content. For example, a woman's mirror will  for example show the advertisement of a hand cream or eye shadow. This allows to target information quite accurately.  These mirrors collect data and thanks to that it is  able to provide the client with detailed reports on how someone reacted and who.
Sounds interesting, right?

Visit the website to get to know more: https://abyssglass.com/

Abbys Glass shows in  Youtube channel how it works. I'd love to get one of those ...