First Day of Spring is today. We can finally feel the fresh air and the Sun's warm. But that's not the thing that we'd like to write about.

We're going to present another Polish good practice: REVAS Academy.

Revas - Business Simulation Games is a company that provides educational tools - industry business simulations to schools, universities and training companies. Prepared simulations are made available to teachers in the SaaS model (access to 24/7 games via a web browser and a mobile application) after purchasing a license by the school.
The games simulate running a business in a chosen industry (eg a car workshop, a hair salon, a beauty salon, a computer service). The main application of games is learning management and entrepreneurship as well as developing social and economic competences of players, gaining practical experience in making strategic and operational decisions related to the company's operations and working in a group.

Business industry simulations used to conduct such activities as, inter alia, entrepreneurship, undertaking and running a business, management in a practical way, related to the profession, interactive and attractive to the player. Thanks to industry business simulations, innovative educational tools, lessons from broadly understood entrepreneurship can be completely different. If as a teacher, you want students to get involved in your lessons, you want students to discuss one of the selected simulations during school breaks in the classroom.


Do we like playing games? I do !

It's sounds fine to match playing games and learning. More info here: