It's 8th March ... International Women's Day ...

We don't want women to feel fogotten by us today ...

At the beginning, let us present one special startup funded by woman and for all women... maybe not all at the same time .. but all pregnant women...

Pregnabit, because that's what am I writing about, is a portable medical device for examining fetal well-being, what might be examined without leaving home, with the same effectiveness as the cardiotocograph (that might be found only in hospitals). Its initiator is a lady, who decided to create Pregnabit after her friend lost her child in the last trimester of pregnancy. Then she decided to take a closer look at prenatal care in Poland and came up with something that could prevent further tragedies.


Pregnabit is an innovative, proprietary measuring device that allows safe and reliable examination of fetal heartbeat, mother's pulse and record of uterine muscle contraction. It is portable, so the test can be performed at any time, anywhere. The data collected by the device is transmitted wirelessly to the Medical Telemonitoring Center, operated by qualified medical personnel. The Pregnabit device uses 4 sensors for measurements:

    - an FHR probe to determine the fetal heart rate
   -  TOCO probe to measure the level of uterine muscle contractions
   -  fetal movement marker
   -  the maternal pulse band.

More info about pregnabit here:

So... as it's a special Day for all women... We'd like to send best wishes to all Women that support us:

May your sunny and enthusiastic spirit be with you always! Happy Women’s Day!