What hoppid.no is?

As you can guess by the domain, it comes from Norway, right? Yes, of course... and what exactly is that?

It's another good practice that was presented by our project Lead Partner during the meeting in Hampshire.


At your local hoppid.no office, you can get help assessing whether your business idea is something you can rely on, whether it's right for you to start a business. You will also get help in determining what you need to fulfill your dream. Entrepreneurs can apply for up to NOK 30,000 (clarifying persons) to help determine which business idea is profitable. hoppid.no offers training and courses. Thanks to the courses and other meetings for entrepreneurs, you can meet like-minded people and build networks.

The purpose of hoppid.no is to create new and profitable companies, diversity in professional life and to increase value creation and to strengthen Møre og Romsdal as an entrepreneurial county. hoppid.no is cooperation between the municipality of Møre og Romsdal, municipalities, Innovation Norway and County Governor of Møre og Romsdal .

More info: mrfylke.no/Tenesteomraade/Regional-og-naeringsutvikling/hoppid.no