During our partnership meeting in Hampshire, our Slovenian partner - BSC Business Support Centre Ltd. - presented three good practices. Let us now present the first of them - e-VEM. It's a web portal that is related to Slovenian project - Slovenian Business Points (SPOT).


Project SPOT ensures the provision of comprehensive support services for potential entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized businesses, the connection of various institutions, and the establishment of partnerships to promote entrepreneurship at local and regional level. The project provides free information, consultation, training, exchange of good practices, and business opportunity openings to companies and future entrepreneurs.

The purpose of the services provided by the partner network of support institutions for the entire Pomurje region is to strengthen the entrepreneurial potential in the region and to speed up and simplify the establishment of new micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. In addition to the aforementioned, we strive to improve the entrepreneurial culture in the region through animation and integration of various actors from the regional environment through their activities and the way of communication and association.


As it was mention before, e-VEM is a portal related to that project. The e-VEM system allows to perform certain procedures electronically. Sign into the system with a qualified digital certificate. The proper  browser needs to be installed to sign and submit applications.

And this is how it looks like: evem.gov.si/evem/drzavljani/zacetna.evem