Time for Spanish good practices: Granada Empresas.

It's a platform of advisory support services for entrepreneurs. It's a web platform that is a response to the growing need to articulate specific and innovative actions in the promotion of entrepreneurial culture, the support to the creation of start-ups and the consolidation of existing companies. The Service for Promotion and Consolidation of Enterprisesprovides to each City Hall a Web Platform that might  be linked to the City Hall web, in order to allow the access and use of tools and resources to assist technically all stages of creation and consolidation of new companies.

This platform offers two possibilities to City Halls in relation to the way in which Granada County Council can provide them technical assistance :a) The assistance is provided directly to entrepreneurs and enterprises.b) The assistance is directed to the staff designated by the municipality for tutoring business projects in their territory.

With this platform, the County Council of Granada also offers free advice through a technical teamthat attends any entrepreneurial initiative regardless the phase or the municipality from which it comes from.


Feel free to visit their website: https://www.granadaempresas.es/