It's Valnetine's Day. All of you might say that it has got nothing to do with our project subject.

Well...You're wrong.


Because I'd like to present you one startup. Now it's one of the most popular dating applications - TrueView.


 That micro-blogging dating app  enables you to tell people what you are doing every minute of the day and that could be your ticket to love. It's an application, invented by three young men (Andrew Ibbotson, 31, Matt Verity, 31, and Damian Mitchell, 36) in East London who gave up their 9-5s after coming up with the idea. That's the ideal dating tool for the quintessential over-sharer, who likes to report back to the world whenever they make a cup of tea, drink a cup of tea, wash up the cup of tea and relax, post-tea.

The founders say that:  "TrueView is a dynamic, location-based dating app, which lives alongside you and updates all the time, bringing an exciting new approach to the online dating industry. TrueView actually reduces choice by only giving you matches that are relevant to you. It will revolutionise the online dating market, making it safe, secure, and most of all, fun."

TrueView is easy to use, well-designed, quick and simple. That’s basically all you need in an app – and not much more. Of course, you also need a good number of people using it and with TrueView the membership numbers are growing on a daily basis. Right now it has a solid membership base in London and other bigger cities but not so much yet in smaller towns and villages.

Interested? Visit their website:

So for now, as we presented this startup, we'd like to wish to all of you