During our partnership meeting in Aldershot, some good practices regarding the subject of Digital Capabilities for Business Support, were presented. First of those practices, was Lean Business Platform (You'll find it here: https://leanbusinessplatform.com/).https://leanbusinessplatform.com/).

Lean Business is an organization, where innovation is used, in each area. The contact with client, is the base of their activity. In their opinion, the starting point for creating all corporate values is building knowledge - and they use that knowledge to create good products.


It's a company, that its aim is to digitise entrepreneurship. Their services are addressed to entrepreneurships from four main sectors: Public, Schools & Universities, Investors and Incubators, as well.

In the public sector, they work on fighting challenges regarding digitalisation, collecting knowledge about entrepreneurs via data collection, sharing resources by sharing knowledge, etc. They provide support for people working with entrepreneurs in the form of 1:1 counselling, workshops, programmes etc.

They support Schools and Universities by managing digital platform that used by thousands of students to structure business development and startup processes. The platform allows educators to supervise and provide feedback, while students are able to develop business ideas, access reverse classroom materials and sign up for live webinars.

If you're an investor, they also might help you to manage and structure the entire entrepreneurial process. Their platform might be a good service for you, as it allows  to manage the entrepreneurial process and gain a complete overview of the startup portfolio. The platform also provides  detailed insight into startups and makes it easy to analyse relevant information.

For incubators, their tools build upon Lean principles and allow to structure and monitor the entire entrepreneurial journey in one place. Solutions, that they offer for incubators, help to accelerate startups by giving  the tools to structure the process of identifying scalable business models and bringing startups from idea to successful realisation.

If you're interested in their activity, clicfk here to isit their website and get to know more about them: https://leanbusinessplatform.com/