Do you remember the event "Startup weekend" that we wrote you about some time ago?

If yes, we're really happy that you follow and read carefuly our news. If not' let us tell you about that event a bit precisely.

On November 16-18, 2018, at the seat of the Podkarpackie Science and Technology Park AEROPOLIS, the fourth edition of "Rzeszów Startup Weekend" took place - the largest event in Podkarpacie dedicated to startups, but also to all those who have an innovative business idea. The event was part of an international initiative under the brand name of Google, held every weekend in various cities around the world.
The idea of ​​the undertaking was to combine local young programmers, marketers and graphic designers who, within 54 hours of uninterrupted work, would prepare the foundations of their startup, a prototype of a service, tool, service or other solution.
The competition was attended by 11 small teams, whose work supported by a group of mentors and experts from various industries, were subjected to the assessment of the composition of the judges composed of investors, business partners of the event and representatives of the local government.
The victory laurel went to the members of the "WeSale" project, presenting the idea for an innovative sales platform, which in the judging panel's composition has a good chance of quick implementation and presence on the market. While assessing the overall work of the teams, the jury also decided to distinguish the project entitled. "Myjka", representing the aviation industry - one of the smart specializations of the Podkarpackie Voivodeship. In order to meet the expectations of air carriers and companies from the MRO industry, team members presented an idea for a business dedicated to the regeneration of aircraft engine components - ultrasonic cleaning of turbine blades. The distinction of mentors supervising the work of individual teams, went to the project "ER Manage", presenting the idea of ​​an integrated management system gaining increasing popularity of the so-called. Escape Rooms.
The fourth edition of Rzeszów Startup Weekend was co-financed by the European Union from the European Regional Development Fund under the Pomorskie ROP 2014-2020 "Economic Promotion of the Podkarpackie Region", Priority Axis I. Competitive and innovative economy, Measure 1.3. Promoting entrepreneurship.