The first meeting of Stakeholders had an informative and motivating purpose. As some of stakeholders were more active in the preparation stage of the project and others are involved since the project start, we prepared a short presentation of INTERREG program and OSS project objectives, timetable and main products that must be produced.

After the presentation of OSS, we had a short discussion about the Good practices shared on the kick off meeting in Alesund. It was interesting to collect the positions of different stakeholders for the problems that make our FLS not enough effective.

Each of participants express their position regarding the FLS system on the position of his experience and activities that his organization/institution implements in this field and of course by their personal point of view as experts.

Conclusions regarding the preliminary analysis of situation was proved by the participants- we need some more active measures to support the FLS especially in regions like Vratsa with economic problems, lack of enough active young entrepreneurs and regional funding. The national measures and initiatives are not every time applicable and suitable for each region – we have only centralized funding and in some regions some private investments. The idea for Public-Private Partnership was shared as an opportunity for development of FLS