On November 16, 2018, the first meeting of OSS project stakeholders took place. Representatives of regional authorities, the Subcarpathian scientific community, representatives of public and non-public institutions supporting start-ups and entrepreneurs took part in it.


During the meeting we presented the OSS project and its assumptions, the situation of start - ups and possibilities of their development in Podkarpacie and in Poland as well as the activities of RRDA. in the scope of supporting start-ups, including the new RRDA project - Start In Podkarpackie, which assumes the preparation of a minimum  120 start-ups from Podkarpacie to enter the market. As part of the workshop, there was also organized a "brainstorming" concerning the SWOT analysis of the support system existing in the Podkarpacie region and plans for its development in the future.

Brainstorming is a method of creative problem solving. It is characterized by using intuition to solve problems and team work. This method is very useful in searching for solutions for problems arising, for example, when implementing a quality system.