On 25 October, 2018, Spanish project partner organized first meeting of their stakeholders. The meeting was organized in Edificio CIE Diputación- Avenida de Andalucía - 18015 Granada.


15 people participated in that meeting. These people  are representatives of intitutions operating in business, science and finance areas. After the presentation of the project, our partner prepared workshop titled: „Governance of the provincial ecosystem for entrepreneurship, paying special attention to front-line services for new companies: how to improve it”.


By this event we wanted to create local stakeholder group from Spain, who are going to support us with our project implementation. During this event we tried to explain them  general and specific objectives of the project, as well as describe our transnational partnership and, more specifically, the thematic of the interregional workshops and studies foreseen in each semester of the project.


The conclusions obtained from the System Change Workshop which are compiled in an
interesting document where all the institutions give their opinion (the pros and cons) in a
dynamic and interactive way thanks to the System Change methodology (which is a mix
between Systemic Coaching and Lego Serious Play) and propose solutions to improve our
local enterprising ecosystem. This summary will also help us to focus on the local SWOT
analysis that we have soon to contract. And furthermore, the aim is to continue to work in
this way with the stakeholders and to try to implement some of these solutions which seem
to be more viable in the short term.