We feel proud that our project arrives in media. Now we call to mind that first time the project was mentioned in Polish media. It was in the website gospodarkapodkarpacka.pl.

The redactor of this website made a short interview with our Communication manager. The main goals of our project were presented. Also all phases of it were presented. It is said that:

"The project is to enable the development of the ecosystem of support for companies, especially for startups, which in Europe is less than in the United States or in highly developed Asian countries. Such an ecosystem would allow young companies to improve their competitiveness, increase their chances of survival, and those interested in setting up a business would give a guarantee of adequate consulting support.

- The first phase of the project (three years), will be devoted to the development of solutions. The second, two-year period is the time to implement the developed ideas - says Marek Duda, director of the Center for Regional Projects and International Cooperation of RRDA.
In the first phase every few months there will be meetings with individual partners. The first meeting is already in June in Norway, then another time every six months.

- first line services for startups, including cooperation between public and private sectors;

- digital solutions (eg on-line cooperation);

- cooperation between startups and experienced companies (mentoring);

- financial instruments and access to finance;

- good practices in consulting."