The headquarter of our Slovenian partner - BSC, Business Support Centre Ltd. -  is situated in Kranj.


Kranj is the fourth-largest city in Slovenia, with a population of 37,373 (2015). It is located approximately 20 kilometres (12 miles) from Ljubljana. The centre of the City Municipality of Kranj and of the traditional region of Upper Carniola (northwestern Slovenia) is a mainly industrial city with significant electronics and rubber industries.

Founded in 1994, BSC - Business Support Centre operates in all major areas of business support and development, strategy, human resource management and leadership, regional and industrial development, corporate social responsibility and community development

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Now we would like to introduce the team that is going to work with us in the OSS project:

Nives Justin ([email protected]) - At BSC Kranj, Nives Justin is responsible for technology, entrepreneurship and innovativeness. She is also leadining Kranj coworking centre of Kovačnica. She has a lot of experiences in Interreg project so in OSS project she will be responsible that everything will be done smoothly and on time.

Andraž Šiler )[email protected]) - Andraž Šiler is project manager at BSC Kranj. He is looking forward to work on OSS project  to create a visible impact for entrepreneurial community in Gorenjska region.

Tamara Mravinec ([email protected]) is project assistant at BSC Kranj. She will collaborate with the OSS project team to maximize productivity and contribute to the entire project lifecycle.