Start in Podkarpackie - this is the latest project of the Rzeszów Regional Development Agency (Polish partner of the OSS project), under which a comprehensive support system for innovative start-up companies will be created with EU co-financing. It is addressed to people who have an idea for business related to the  industries: aviation, automotive, IT or construction and is to provide professional assistance in its implementation from the moment of registration of the company until the creation of the so-called. the minimum version of the product.

According to the assumptions of the project, 200 start-ups will take part in it, of which 120 will be ready to enter the market. As part of the project, 5 "incubation" rounds are planned lasting an average of 6 months - with the possibility of shortening their duration to 3 months and extending up to 8 months.

Ideas of people who are under the age of 35 will be preferred. - Each start-up qualified for participation in the project will participate in an individual incubation program prepared by the incubation manager. During the incubation program, start-ups will be able to use such services as: permanent help and care of the incubation manager, providing office space appropriate to the needs of conducting business as part of work on the development of business ideas, participation in public speaking workshops, legal services, accounting services and tax consulting, basic marketing support in the area of developing corporate identification elements and mentoring.

Start-ups will be able to use expert services provided by partners with industry-leading experience from universities and industry. The value for the originators will be the opportunity to work under the supervision of industry professionals who have declared their own technical infrastructure to be made available, including access to laboratories where the product can be refined, eg verification of its  parameters will be possible.

Representatives of RRDA were guests in regional TV yesterday, where they had a chance to talk about that project. The article might be found here