Møre and Romsdal is a county located in the northern part of Western Norway with borders to Trøndelag, Oppland and Sogn og Fjordane. County administration is located
in Molde, while Ålesund is the largest city. The county is managed by the County Council of Møre og Romsdal, which includes the elected county council and county mayor and the national government is represented by the governor of the district.

Møre og Romsdal has six settlements with town status. The largest three were towns before 1993 when municipalities were allowed to grant town status which led to an increase in the number of towns. The county contains multiple other urban settlements (as defined by Statistics Norway) without town status, every municipality except  Halsa and Smøla contain at least one. As of 1 January 2009, 166,374 people (66.8 percent of the population) lived in an urban settlement. The population density is highest near the coast, with all of the county's towns located on saltwater.

The largest town in the county is Ålesund, with a population of 45,747 in the municipality and 49,528 in the agglomeration which it forms together with parts of Sula.

 The Lead Partner in the OSS project is Møre and Romsdal County Council (Authority). The project manager of our project is Malene Aaram Vike. She is working as a project manager at the County Council.

She`s been working with development linked to entrepreneurial activity since 2005. Her background lies in project development, project management, process management, and being an advisor for start-ups. Since 2005, she`s lead several projects related to entrepreneurial activity. In addition to the OSS project, she is the project manager for a project called “the Entrepreneurial Path”, aiming to digitalize the first line service system in this region, hoppid.no
Phone: 00 47 71 28 03 08 / 00 47 918 93 231
[email protected]

Financial manager
Cecilia Lillthors will be the financial manager in this project. She has maternity leave until March 2019, and Sunniva Hellandsvik Ødegård will be the substitute in her absence. Their responsibility within the project is to be in control with the overall Budget of the project.
Contact information:
Sunniva Hellandsvik Ødegård
Phone: 0047 712 80 383/0047 98 096 671
[email protected]

Project manager Norway:
May Britt Roald is the responsible project manager for the activities carried out in the OSS project in Møre and Romsdal County (Norway). She is the project manager for the entrepreneurial service system in Møre and Romsdal, called hoppid.no. This is the first line service system in this region. Their webpage is www.hoppid.no

Contact information:
Phonel: 00 47 71 28 03 47 / 0047 466 96 382
[email protected]

If you want to get more information, please visit the Møre and Romsdal County Council webpage: mrfylke.no

You are also welcome in our official www: www.interregeurope.eu/oss/