UrbanLab Rzeszow

The newest place for entrepreneurs in Rzeszow.

Urban Lab consists of three rooms: a conference room for 150 people, a smaller room where you can make a closed meeting for 30 people and an unofficial space with armchairs and sofas, the so-called Urban Cafe. In this last space, you can also drink coffee for free and informally discuss your ideas.

Ultimately, a zone where you can spend your free time is also to be created in Urban Lab. - There will be, among others Play Station, devices for virtual reality, where it will be possible to create solutions in VR applications in which residents will see what will happen in Rzeszów.

The word "ideas" in the context of Urban Lab is crucial, because it is here that, with the participation of residents, NGOs, students, students, scientists, and the business community, solutions are to be created that improve the quality of life in our city in various areas - from transport to health.  Urban Lab also wants to work on the basis of the so-called Open Data. This is a special portal that was launched last Friday. Open Data is to be filled, inter alia, timetables, ticket databases, information on the implementation of courses.

Urban Lab is open from Monday to Friday from 10: 00-18: 00. It will be run by three people on a daily basis: the manager, animator and the person responsible for Urban Cafe. A number of specialists also cooperate with Urban Lab: lawyers, related to the scientific and business environment, to help bring ideas to life. Rzeszów Urban Lab is the second, after Gdynia, project in Poland developed by the Ministry of Investments and Development and the Institute of Urban and Regions Development. PLN 3.5 million was spent on its implementation in Rzeszów, of which PLN 2.6 million from EU funding.
To get more details on that, watch the presentation below.

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