Podkarpackie Innovation Center

Is innovation important in Podkarpackie Region?

Well, innovation is important everywhere. During our meeting, the second presentation that was shown, was the presentation on the Podkarpackie Innovation Center. This speech was made by TIMEA SULENTA-PLUTA – THE DIRECTOR OF RESEARCH COMMERCIALIZATION OF PODKARPACKI CENTER OF INNOVATION.

The Podkarpackie Innovation Center in Rzeszów provides scientists, small and medium-sized enterprises and students with access to the highest quality research and development facilities. In this way, it supports innovation and entrepreneurship in the region. The center, opened in December 2017, helps three universities in Podkarpacie in transferring knowledge and technology to the private sector. Collaboration between these two areas helps companies grow and innovative projects get started.

. The activity of the Podkarpackie Innovation Center is mainly based on combining science and business and developing the skills of scientists and students. Finding an appropriate source of financing may be difficult, therefore support for Podkarpackie R&D projects is treated as a priority at the Center, as is shaping the culture of entrepreneurship among students.

The Podkarpackie Innovation Center already attracts regional talents from various sectors and technical disciplines. The ongoing projects reflect this diversity. These include efforts to develop a network of air pollution sensors and to create technologies for automated warehouses and autonomous transport systems. Start-ups supported by the Podkarpackie Innovation Center are making progress in various areas, from drone technology to software for companies. The project was created as part of the initiative for developing regions of the European Commission, in cooperation with the Marshal's Office of the Podkarpackie Voivodeship, the Ministry of Development, the World Bank and three universities. The Podkarpackie Voivodeship is one of the least developed regions in Poland. The project offers an opportunity to revive the local innovation ecosystem.

To get more info on this Good Practice - watch the recording of the presentation.

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