The first Polish Good Practice

What are the best assets of AEROPOLIS?

On the 8th and 9th June, we presented some interesting and useful Good Practices regarding the incubation for entrepreneurs/startups. The first day, as you already know, was concerned at presentations from Poland. The first of them was the presentation of Dawid Adamski - the Director of Marketing Departament of Rzeszow Regional Development Agency, who gave the overview of Podkarpacki Science and Technology Park, which is managed by Polish Partner.

Podkarpackie Science and Technology Park AEROPOLIS is currently one of the most attractive places for investments in south-eastern Poland. AEROPOLIS is an idea to attract modern companies and technologies, and at the same time to use the potential of local universities and research centers. The main element of the Park's offer are fully developed investment areas with a total area of 170 ha. Companies operating in the Park have the opportunity to obtain relief in local taxes and fees, and, thanks to the inclusion of the Park's areas into the Special Economic Zone "EURO PARK Mielec", obtain income tax relief.

AEROPOLIS is one of the instruments for increasing the competitiveness of the local economy, implementing modern technological solutions and managing knowledge and capital resources. It is a link that connects and transforms innovative scientific ideas into modern technological solutions that are then implemented in business entities. As a result, attractive operating conditions have been created, encouraging entrepreneurs to run a business, which in turn contributes to the creation of new jobs. The main goal of AEROPOLIS is to provide the basic infrastructure necessary to provide potential high-tech companies with conditions for running a business. The Park's offer is dedicated to companies from the aviation, IT / ICT, quality of life, electromechanical, automotive, biotechnology and chemical industries.

An integral part of the Park is the AEROPOLIS Technology Incubator. The purpose of its creation was to create a place for running a business for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises. The use of high technologies in the aviation, information technology, electromechanical, biotechnological and chemical industries is promoted. Entrepreneurs may rent office, production and service premises located in the Incubator's complex on favorable terms, as well as use the available infrastructure, technical and conference facilities. Entities operating in the Incubator can count on the help of available on-site experts in the field of: industrial design, intellectual property (patent attorney), creating business plans.

The Park's comprehensive offer is complemented by well-equipped laboratory facilities. The AEROPOLIS Material Science and Prototyping Laboratory is located in the Technology Incubator complex. In addition, this Park  also has two laboratories in Rzeszów - AEROPOLIS Research Laboratory and AEROPOLIS Biotechnology Laboratory.
Currently, over 40 companies operate in AEROPOLIS. The largest of them include MTU Aero Engines, BorgWarner, Goodrich Aerospace, Mc Braida, FIBRAIN, OPTeam, BSH (former Zelmer), META-ZEL, ML System. The capital expenditure incurred by entrepreneurs exceeded PLN 2 billion in 2016.

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