Regional OSS event in Vratsa

What were the most important subjects of discussion?

On 26 May 2021, our Bulgarian Partner - Agency for Regional and Economic Development from Vratsa - organized online event which was aimed at the discussion about the preparation of the Regional Action Plan, as part of the OSS Project's implementation.60 participants  were invited, wide scope of stakeholders, supporters, experts at regional and national level. Finally, about 50 guests were present during the event.

Slovenian partner -BSC Kranj shared their experience in implementation of Voucher scheme for SMEs- the good practice that insprired the key action in ARED, Vratsa Action plan.
After the presentation of the Action plan proposal by Nesrin Doneva, the executive director of ARED and project manager for OSS project, the representatives of MA of OP” Innovation and Competitiveness”- responsible for the Policy instrument express support to the action proposed- introducing and voucher scheme for first line services for starting entrepreneurs and SMEs in the next programing period  2021-2027 under Program ”Competitiveness and innovations in the enterprises”, which is a new name of the Policy instrument.

The positive   attitude and approval of the proposed action expressed the representative of Sofia Tech Park as one of the main stakeholders and providers of services for startups and SMEs.
BCCI also support the action for yearly open voucher scheme for first line services for Bulgaria with opportunity for specific services by regions.

The local stakeholders as EEN-Vratsa and CCI-Vratsa support such a needed action especially in the situation of COVID-19 and post Covid period as a flexible and effective measure.
The synergy between Interreg Europe projects in Bulgaria with similar actions in the Action plans was demonstrated by presenting the STOB regions project- Regional Development Agency -Plovdiv  and INNOGROW projects- Stara Zagora Regional Economic Development Agency.

Thanks to the support of Lead partner and presentation of Malene Aaram Vike of the OSS project implementation in the 1st phase, the progress and good partnership, exchange of good practices and experience were presented as factors for successful regional development.

The conclusions from the dissemination event: the regional exchange and cooperation within the country and interregional cooperation with partners’ regions are the right way towards regional development and growth. The next steps for our work in the second phase of the OSS project are to stay open for cooperation in the process of Action plan implementation and use the support of all partners

Does these facts look interesting to you? Below you can also find the video recording of this online event.