Regional  meeting of Spanish stakeholders in Granada

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On May 11, 2021 our Partner from Granada organized meeting for their stakeholders' meeting. During the meeting, our Partner hosted representatives of:


  • SOSTENIA Consultancy ;
  • The Chamber of Commerce of Motril;
  • The University of Granada: UGR Enterprising;
  • The IDEA Agency (Innovation and Development of the Andalousia region);
  • BIC Granada;
  • Municipal center for entrepreneurial initiatives, of the Granada city council;
  • The “Poniente Granadino” Rural Development Group;
  • The “Alfanevada” Rural Development Group;
  • The Guadalinfo Network (Fernando de los Ríos Consortium);
  • Confederation of Granadian entrepreneurs;
  •  Association of young entrepreneurs.


The main important objectives of the meeting were to reinforce the commitment between the project stakeholders with the final stage of the Action Plan, and to meet with Sostenia -the Consultancy in charge of it-, procedures and timeline to its future implementation during the OSS project phase 2; -to show the two actions final stage, introducing how they work to the stakeholders; to discuss the final version of protocols, like a mandatory step to take advantage of both tools, implementing them into stakeholders´ websites; and to inform stakeholders about OSS project activities held during last semester of phase 01, encouraging them to participate in the on-line Polish-sponsored seminar next June the 8-9th focused on business incubators projects.