Regional stakeholder's meeting in Poland

What issues were discussed during the meeting?

On May 21, 2021, the 6th Regional Meeting of Polish Stakeholders was organized by RRDA. The meeting was attended by representatives of institutions supporting start-ups, SMEs and innovators in the Podkarpackie Region. In connection with Covid-19, only 6 people from various institutions participated in the meeting. During it, the state of project implementation, the advancement of work in the scope of the Action Plan and a report on a special project meeting on solutions for supporting enterprises in the covid-19 pandemic situation were presented. The possibility of implementing some solutions in Podkarpacie Region was discussed.

Changes in policies were also discussed, including detailed information on the changes to date in our region.

The last part of the meeting concerned the next international meeting of the OSS project Partners in Poland in the online formula, during which the possibilities of presenting good practices from the Podkarpackie Region in the field of the meeting on the “Support infrastructure for start-ups and innovators” were discussed.