200 000 Euro to fund clarification of business ideas in Møre and Romsdal

Volda was among the municipalities that were assigned hoppid.no funds for entrepreneurs. The picture is from Volda in when the partnership agreement for hoppid.no was renewed. From left: RuneSjurgard, Volda municipality; Liv-Bente Vidal, Agricultural Office for Ørsta and
Volda;  Martin Foldal, Sunnmøre Creative Industry HUB /hoppid.no office Volda Municipality ; Sølvi Dimmen, Volda Municipality, Mari Dorte J. Michaelsen, Innovation Norway; May-Britt Roald, Møre og Romsdal county Council/ hoppid.no; Aud Lindset Drågen, County Governor of Møre og Romsdal.


Photo: Volda Municipaliy

- The money will help new founders find out if their business idea can be a sustainable business, and what is needed to develop the idea to a company. The scheme with hoppid.no funds is a low-threshold offer for entrepreneurs, and we see that this support has been particularly important during the pandemic, as more people have become unemployed and have considered starting for themselves, says acting leader says Joakim Skaar, acting leader of the culture, industry and public health committee in Møre og Romsdal County Council.

hoppid.no is Møre og Romsdal's entrepreneurial service with offices for all municipalities in the county. Here, the entrepreneur receives free advice and guidance, offers of courses, and can also apply for and receive up to NOK 30,000 in grants per business idea. The funds will, among other things, be used to clarify the organization, market potential, and profitability of a business idea.
More new establishments

In 2020, the hoppid.no offices distributed a total of NOK 3,744,037 to 158 entrepreneurs with new business ideas in the county. In total, there is an increase of NOK 503,967 compared with allocations in 2019. On average, each entrepreneur has received NOK 23,700 in grants.
In Møre og Romsdal, 2,567 new companies were registered in 2020, including a change of ownership. This is an increase of 169 new companies from the previous year.
By population

The municipalities receive an equal basic amount, the rest is distributed according to population and care for the unemployed.

The money is distributed to all municipalities, with the exception of those who have more than NOK 100,000 in balances from the previous year. In the Covid year, 2020 was the amount 600 000 EURO.