Slovenian grants for starting an innovative company

What are the types of grants for starting that type of company in Slovenia?

So, it's time for me to share with you the next presentation that was spoken during our meeting in November. I have already shared with you two of them: The presentation of Mr. Jaka Vadnjal, and the presentation of Mr. Tilen Travnik as well.

The third guest of our Slovenian partner was a young Slovenian entrepreneur - the CEO of a company titled Vibeit. It is an online merchandising platform that simplifies and automates the process of expanding the brand's reach through e-commerce with print-on-demand products. Their customers are online brands, sports clubs, artists as well as other individuals, groups or companies, that want to monetize their brand's potential through the online merchandising business model. They provide their clients with all the tools needed to create, manage, analyze and build a profitable e-commerce business as well as they also manage the entire fulfillment process - everything from production and printing to shipping and end-customer support. The project is run by a company of the same name - Vibeit, ltd., that also develops and markets a quite successful web store Brandvibes (, b2b one-stop-shop for branded promotional products and business gifts. 

During his presentation, Mr. Aleš Meglič told us some interesting facts on grants from Slovenia.

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