Private investment fund for local economy growth in Slovenia

Do you want to hear the story of Slovenian d.labs?

Of course, now, I am going to continue sharing presentations that were recorded during our online meeting, which was organized by our Slovenian Partner - BSC Business Support Centre, Kranj. Today, I will show you the presentation of Tilen Travnik. 

Tilen Travnik is a co-founder and partner of D • Labs, where he uses his 15 years of experience in the field of agile management in optimizing the development processes of Internet products. Over the past six years, he has successfully transformed managements and teams in more than 20 companies both at home and in the UK. He is currently a development consultant in five of them.

During our meeting, he gave us a very interesting speech on his story. Watch it now to get details!

                     CLICK HERE TO WATCH THE VIDEO