Crowdfunding and Steering Committee Meeting

What were the most important points?

So, Friday was a really intensive day for us. In the beginning, we listened to the presentation of Nathalie De Schepper, who told us about the bases of crowdfunding. Nathalie De Schepper is a crowdfunding expert and startup advisor at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Antwerp. Every year she coaches more than sixty companies to successfully launch their crowdfunding campaign.


After her presentation, we run the 5th Steering Committee Meeting where we discussed all general results and plans regarding our project's implementation. Also, the members of the Steering Committee discussed and presented their region's activities. what looks like the following:

  • A lot of activities online;
  • Also hybrid solutions – combinations online – physical;
  • Norway recommends the partnership to create monthly slots with the stakeholders, as is done in Møre and Romsdal. The stakeholders can join when the calendar is open for it. General updates for the ecosystem are on the agenda. Also Action Plan development.;
  • Several partners go from one big stakeholder event to several small ones – it is positive that the meetings have fewer participants because it allows more in-depth discussions.

During the SC meeting, we also discussed possibilities for program changes due to Covid-19 situation. Anyway, we still have got some work to do.