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Yesterday, I prepared for you a review of the first day of our workshop meeting that was organized by our Slovenian Partner. That review you can see by clicking HERE.

As you already know, that was a two-day workshop. 

What were the main points of the second day?

Of course, in the beginning, we were welcomed by our Project Lead partner - Malene Aaram vike, and our Slovenian representative - Andraz Siler, who gave us some short view on the meeting schedule changes. Anyway, we were still able to hear three of the really good presentations of Slovenian startupers -  Aleš Meglič, Rok Staric, and Nives Justin.

                                     Aleš Meglič

He's the CEO of Vibeit. Vibeit ( is an online merchandising platform that simplifies and automates the process of expanding brands' reach through e-commerce with print-on-demand products. Their customers/subscribers are online brands, sports clubs, artists, and other individuals, groups, or companies, that wish to monetize their brand's potential through an online merchandising business model. They provide them with all the tools needed to create, manage, analyze, and build a profitable e-commerce business. The company also manages the entire fulfillment process - everything from production and printing to shipping and end-customer support. Project is run by a company of the same name - Vibeit, ltd., that also develops and markets a quite successful web store Brandvibes (, b2b one-stop-shop for branded promotional products and business gifts. We're really grateful for sharing with us such important facts. We hope to meet you soon in person.


                                    Nives Justin

Nives Justin is the head of the coworking community Kovačnica and has been actively involved in a supportive environment for entrepreneurship for more than 10 years. Through the management of various national and European projects, she gained experience and knowledge to support potential entrepreneurs, help develop their business ideas, and mentor start-up entrepreneurs. In 2020, the coworking community grew into a business incubator, together with a colleague they set up an incubation program for entrepreneurs in the field of food production and processing, and in the last year, it has been very active in promoting investment and attracting domestic and foreign investors to the region. As a member of the Slovenian team, she was also a co-host of our meeting. Nives - thank you for all your support and engagement.


                                      Rok Starič

He knows how to sell his products, so you should listen to his advices, for sure. Rok Starič has been part of the entrepreneurial community for the last six years. A vivid hiker, diver, climber, and, most importantly, a food-lover, he is also a sucker for a good Kickstarter campaign himself. After successfully implementing his own Kickstarter campaign, he launched his first product – a 100% natural, one ingredient peanut butter. Ever since he has been building the brand Rok’s and running his two companies. Apart from this, he’s been mentoring many young entrepreneurs and the entrepreneurs-to-be, including students of bio-tech. You can find him around discussing new products, brands, and campaigns while nibbling or sipping the latest food-hack or checking the latest tech gadget. He was supposed to give some tips on successful crowdfunding campaign - and he did so. Rok, congratulation on the success, and we're all willing to try the taste of your peanut butter.


After these presentations, we had a short round of feedback and we discussed some organizational issues regarding our Steering Committee meeting that is starting at 10:00 AM today.

I'd like also to welcome a new member of the Slovenian Team in our Project - Tamara, welcome in our team and we're looking forward to successful cooperation with you.


And that was the last point of our two-day meeting full of inspiration, knowledge, and importance. In a while, we're running our 5th Steering Committee meeting. Stay tuned to get updates on that,