The idea of Network Granada

What's the main idea of this Good Practice from Granada?

Network Granada is another Good Practice that was presented during our online meeting in May. As you already know, the meeting was organized by our partner from Spain - Provincial Council of Granada. This programme, a partnership procedure between Granada Provincial Council and local authorities, represents a system for identifying a cooperation procedure for organising and managing public affairs in some areas such as town planning, environment, employment and sustainable development, e-government, social services, women and equality, young people, sport, culture, tourism, etc.

That's why the Provincial Plan for entrepreneurs is included in Network Granada regarding all the activities supporting local entrepreneurs and businesses. Besides, even if this programme was launched in 2015, in its new two years period from 2020-2021, it has been adjusted to the needs related with the COVID 19 crisis through the strengthening of the municipalities' role and their importance in the process of overcoming this crisis.

Watch the video to understand the idea of this Network.