Meeting invitation

You're now officially invited to our meeting session!

It's another semester when we are forced to run our Partnership meeting online because of the pandemic situation across Europe and the whole world. Anyway, we're still run our activity. That's also the chance for you to attend our sessions.

So now, I'd like to invite you to our session that is taking place on 17and 18 November 2020. The subject of this workshop is "Financial instruments and finances in support of entrepreneurship in the digital world .of today".

This meeting is organized by our Slovenian Project Partner - BSC Business Support Centre, Kranj. The Agency cooperates with municipalities, companies, regional chambers of crafts and entrepreneurship, non-governmental organizations, ministries, and other state bodies. They also work for the development of the Gorenjska region.  BSC Kranj operates in the following development areas: 

☑️ regional, local and cross-border development projects, 

☑️ entrepreneurship, competitiveness, technological development, and ICT,

☑️ investment promotion,

☑️ human resources development,

☑️ tourism development,

☑️ spatial development and environmental protection,

☑️ rural development,

☑️ technical assistance and cooperation with partners in the EU and other countries. All details you'll find in our agenda.